From plastic to T-shirts, we were all getting creative

We were given a lovely corner at Moray Reach Out, upstairs in the thrift shop, with a fine view over the street, and we went in on Friday afternoon to set up.

We prepared a range of activities, with a number of displays as well for inspiration, from upcycled jewellery pieces to items created from yarn from pre-loved T-shirts. We also had one of the specially created costumes with us, with its bright spring green colour.

There was a lot of interest in learning the basic techniques of jewellery making, and applying them to some of the everyday discarded plastic that surrounds us. There was the use of the different types of pliers, to cut, twist and shape wire, how to cut plastic into repetitive shapes, and how to use tools to assemble the various elements into a jewellery piece, from bracelets and necklaces, to earrings and brooches.

There was also interest in how to create new materials from existing ones, like layering bubble wrap with plastic elements and sequins. The 3D doodle pen was also taken up, to draw butterflies and dragonflies, with careful guidance on safe use.

There was bracelet making from T-shirt yarn for every age and every skill level, assembling the yarn into clips and applying square knots to create pattern. There also a lot of interest in asking about other creative possibilities with T-shirt material, and we enjoyed meeting new people with such a keen interest in looking creatively at waste material.

Downstairs there were spinning demonstrations in the wool shop, and an opportunity to look round the varied range of wools there. A big attraction for us all was the teas and coffees and homebakes served through the day by the Moray Reach Out team!