You don't have to get rid of your old T-shirts, you can transform them into something new!

T-shirts may be inexpensive to buy, but the environmental cost can be great. Your T-shirt has an impact from the time the cotton is grown and harvested to when it’s woven and manufactured, dyed with toxic chemicals, and shipped long distances.

T-shirt fabric has properties that make it an excellent source of upcycling potential. It is jersey fabric, a woven material that frays very little and easy to cut and not needing hemming; and stretching it only makes better.

One of the simplest methods include cutting an old T-shirt into strips after first laying them down flat, and then cutting strips out horizontally and stretching them to create a yarn-like material that can be used in various projects. From keyrings to woven bracelets and braided headbands, these simple techniques are a great way to creatively involve the whole family.