Jewellery Upcycled

Jewellery is an ancient human tradition spanning cultures, to adorn the body with meaning and symbolism. It’s been worn to guard against evil or bring good fortune, denote status and wealth, show religious devotion; or symbolise celebration, love, remembrance.

Jewellery made from shells, stone and bones survived from prehistoric times. Perhaps it was worn for protection from the dangers of life, or to mark status or rank. Shells, small stones, animal bones and teeth were fashioned into beads, and worn around the neck or wrist, strung together on strips of dried animal skin, hair or other fibrous material.

With advancing technology artisans began to transform metals and precious gems into works of art influencing entire cultures and many modern jewellery styles.

Since the 1960s the boundaries of jewellery have been continually redefined. New technologies and non-precious materials, including plastics, paper and textiles, have overturned traditional notions of status.