Background and details

Costume : Selena S Kuzman
Headpiece: Caroline Bury
Concept: Bill Graham and Selena S Kuzman
Year: 2016

The Feedback installation piece supported by the Creative Place programme through Findhorn Bay Arts (2016), is the result of a collaboration between artist Selena S Kuzman and the Moray makerspace, the T-Exchange and it was was first time on display during the Findhorn Bay Festival 2016.

The installation linked the world of art, mythology and nature with the world of technology and materials. The concept developed from the Forres Tolbooth preservation work and a past court case involving a sheep held as evidence. Feedback entwined two pieces; a sheep and a shepherdess, both made of recycled materials. The sheep encapsulates the scientific idea of feedback by literally carrying its feed on its back.

The method used in creating the shepherdess’s outfit was destruction of existing materials, ripping apart fabrics and laces in order to construct new kinds of garments, sewn together over and over again, sometimes with embroidery pieces combined with vintage laces.

Her bracelet is made from vintage-recycled materials and plastic, assembled with 3D-printed units designed and formed as 4-petal flowers. The shepherd stick is from a hazelnut branch, assembled with red flower petals to symbolise her divine power of giving life.

The flowers were designed and 3D-printed by the T-Exchange, the Moray makerspace promoting community access to new technology.

Feedback’s coat is felted and assembled together by the artist with fleece found in fields by the stones of Callanish in Lewis. The coat symbolises spring and joy with buttercups and daisies.

The headpiece, from Caroline Bury, is made of felted fleece.